Christine Shumway Mortine

Student Testimonials

“In terms of what I was looking for, your approach was perfect. As I mentioned a few times, I found your step-by-step approach, i.e. step 1, this power setting; step 2, this airspeed, etc., very beneficial, whether it was landing technique, things do in cruise, or maneuvers….Again, thanks so much for everything. I’ll never forget it.” – John

“I just wanted to thank you very much for the flight today. You were so incredibly thoughtful in your approach that it made such a terrifying experience for me into something very wonderful.” – Curtiss

“What an amazing time! That was such a fun experience, and I can’t wait to do it again! Thank you for making my first time so enjoyable.” – Joe

“She loves flying which shows in her enthusiasm for it. She has a good attention to details and helping her students acquire it as well which is very important as a pilot. Christine is an experienced teacher. This gives her a great ability to relate to the student and help them move on through difficult situations. I was her first student to earn my private certificate and I enjoyed the entire experience. I’m positive I won’t be her last success story.” – Eric

“I really liked you as an instructor, To be honest no other instructors have got down on a personal level with me like you did and told me why they wanted to fly and why they did it! The way you teach is amazing and you put it into ways that I can learn and better myself as a Pilot.” – Ryan