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11 Questions with Christine Mortine

From: The Ohio Sky Diving Center

1. What drew you to becoming a pilot?

CM: The marriage of science, adventure, discipline and freedom is fabulous. I always wanted to be a pilot. As a freshman in High School I was president of the Hang Gliding Club even though my parents didn’t allow me to actually hang glide. When I started driving all I wanted to do was pull on the steering wheel and lift the car.

2. What influenced you to make the call for your first flight lesson?

CM: It was only 8 years ago when my husband gave me an intro flight for Christmas. I started to weep with joy. Seriously.

3. What is the most memorable flight you have made?

CM: My most memorable flights have to do with mountains. Most recent flying a cub out of Homer Alaska, over a glacier and landing on a glacial feed river bed. I also appreciate when I can do Angel Flights (flying patients)

4. Who/what inspires you?

CM: Ernest Shackleton, the British explorer. In particular the Endurance expedition. Extraordinary leadership….read more